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Snapshots from the field... (this is a work in progress)
OutSide Lands.jpg
Opening of the Apple Campus and the Steve Jobs Theatre.jpg
Yosemite Live SHot.jpg
Wayne Newton Checking in.jpg
LIVEU Extension, Santa Rosa, CA.jpg
Santa Rosa.jpg
Picking up shots in Coffee Park.jpg
Truck, Coffey Park, Santa Rosa, CA.jpg
Coffey Park, Santa Rosa, CA.jpg
Coffee Park, Santa Rosa.jpg
2 Cam interview on last United 747.jpg
Glor Evening News Sunland, CA.jpg
Sound Dudes.jpg
6 Cams Lighting MeToo.jpg
MeToo Interview Prep.jpg
MeToo Interview.jpg
Oprah Winfrey MeToo.jpg
Evening News Montecito Live SHot Prep.jpg
Frame Grab Montecito Mud Slide.jpg
Blackstone Alcatraz.jpg
48 Hours Courtroom Setup.jpeg
Steve Theroux courtroom.jpg
Timelapse for 48 Hours, Green Bay.jpg
Suburban travel pack job.jpg
2 Cam setup for Royal Wedding.jpg
CTM Capital .jpg
4 cam with Musk.jpg
2 Cam Producer Intv. for 48 Hours.jpg
Press crush - GSK.jpg
Arraingment of the GSK.jpg
Sunday Morning Tree Setup.jpg
3 Cams.jpg
Speed climbing feed.jpg
Amamoto prep - ICE.jpg
Jamie and ICE.jpg
Australian ABC.jpg
Carr Fire CTM Live Shot Prep.jpg
Carr Fire LiveU Extension.jpg
Nothing Here.jpg
Jamie Yuccas interviews Superman.jpg
Air quality approaching Carr Fire.jpg
DIY dolly track.jpg
John Blackstone.jpg
Anna Eshoo.jpg

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